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The Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association, Inc. (PGCA), formerly known as the Philippine Guidance and Personnel Association, Inc., is a non-stock, non-profit organization duly incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1969, with amendments to its name and other items in its Articles of Incorporation approved by the SEC in 1998. The PGCA is the Accredited Professional Organization of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for Guidance and Counseling, as well as a PRC-accredited Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider.


The premier Philippine professional organization of counselors with international recognition.


We commit to be in the forefront in the development of counselors who are professional, goal-driven, committed advocates responsive to the needs of their clientele in the promotion of their well-being to make them proactive contributors in the pursuit of a just and humane society.


1. Enhance the well-being and competencies of counselors;
2. Advocate for the professional identity and counselor development;
3. Maintain accreditation status;
4. Expand linkages and partnerships with regional international agencies and organizations.


As embodied in its Constitution and By-laws, the objectives of the Association are:

⚬ To improve the standards of guidance and counseling work;
⚬ To promote and stimulate the exchange of professional experience at local, national, regional, as well as international meetings;
⚬ To stimulate, promote, and support research and other professional activities that will contribute to the improvement of guidance and counseling and education;
⚬ To disseminate pertinent and valuable professional information and materials through publications;
⚬ To bring together and unite in action all guidance counselors for a better understanding and acceptance of the principles, practices, and professional standards of guidance counseling;
⚬ To assist the Professional Regulatory Board of Guidance and Counseling in its effort to improve and professionalize the Guidance and Counseling Profession.

It was sometime in 1964 that Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J. and Fr. Antonio Ledesma, S.J., both of Ateneo, broached the idea of a professional organization of guidance workers to Dr. Esperanza R. Limcaco of U.P. A number of professionals gathered in response to their call, mostly guidance counselors, counselor educators, and guidance supervisors. Evidence of strong interest and commitment of the conferees was in the high percentage of attendance of the series of meetings that ran beyond a 12-month period. Twenty-five stayed on to hammer out the constitution and by- laws. The founding Members are Dr. Paz Adriano (U.E), Fr. Kenneth Bogart (Ateneo University), Mrs. Rizalina T. Buenaseda (PNC), Fr. Jaime S. Bulatao, S.J. (Ateneo University), Mrs. Fe C. Garcia (BPS), Mr. Tomas Garcia (BPS), Mrs. Lourdes P. Gutang (FEU), Fr. Antonio Ledesma, S.J. (Ateneo de Manila University), Sr. M. Ligouri, O.S.B. (St. Scholastica’s College), Dr. Estefinia Aldaba Lim (PWU), Dr. Esperanza R. Limcaco (UP), Bro. Justin Lucian, F.S.C. (De La Salle College), Mrs. Concepcion D. Mella (Manila City Schools), Dr. Natividad J. Munarriz (UP), Mrs. Felicidad O. Nuval (PNC), Dr. Alfonso G. Pacquing (UP), Dr. Alicia J. Ramos (CEU), Dr. Paz M. Ros (PWU), Dr. Lily R. Rosales (UP), Mrs. Josefina R. Serion (BPS), Dr. Carmen D. Tanedo (Ateneo University), Mrs. Patrocinio A. Toribio (Manila City Schools), Fr. Pierre Tritz, S.J. (Araneta University), Dr. Emperatriz N. Rabago (UST), and Dr. Eufemia F. Ty (BPS). To introduce the organization to the public and prospective members, the Founding Members elected the first Board of Directors: Esperanza R. Limcaco, President; Jaime Bulatao, S.J., Vice President; Alicia J. Ramos, Secretary; Paz Adriano, Treasurer; and Members: Tomas Garcia, Lourdes P. Gutang, Justin Lucian, FSC, Paz M. Ros, Pierre Tritz, S.J. This Board organized the first convention, which was held at the University of the Philippines in 21 June 1965.

As prescribed by the PGPA Constitution, a convention is held annually. To date, the venue is Metro Manila though periodically there is talk of holding it in the Visayas and Mindanao. Difficulties of coordination have stood in the way of implementation of such plan.

The idea of a mid-year workshop aimed at the development of skills and materials was well received. The first one, run by Fr. J. Bulatao, then Vice President, concentrated on the development of the PGPA Code of Ethics. Participants were encouraged to take their copies to their worksites and test the provisions in situ. At the convention the following year, the Code of Ethics was presented to the members for discussion and then ratification. Most conventions have workshop components, but by popular demand, for sometime now, midyear workshops have been held in the regions.

As prescribed by the PGPA Constitution, the PGPA publishes the Guidance Journal at least once a year. The New Digest is a quarterly of the newsletter type that informs the membership of activities of individual members and chapters.

Before the PGPA came into being, there were already associations of guidance counselors, but membership was often limited to the province or division. It was in the mid-70’s with their member enjoying the privileges of PGPAers. Since then the number of chapters has grown, with several chapters being active in coordinating mid year workshops with the National Board.

Through the efforts of Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales, in 1983, Pres. F. Marcos declared May as Guidance Month. Since then, the conventions have been scheduled in May.

Early on, a President Emeritus award was instituted by the Board led by Dr. Beulah Nuval, President ’89 – ’89. The first awardees were Dr. Esperanza R. Limcaco and Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales. A Member Emeritus award was also instituted at the same time, with Dr. Natividad J. Munarriz as awardee.

On one of her trips to the USA, Dr. Lily Rosqueta-Rosales worked for the affiliation of the PGPA with the APGA, the American Personnel and Guidance Association. This was formalized in 1981 and several PGPAers became affiliate members of the APGA.

In 1997, Dr. Josefina C. Donato, with approval of the Board headed by Dr. Harry C. Lorenzo Jr., PGPA President, proposed the change of name to Philippine Guidance & Counseling Association for a stronger professional identity. This was approved by the members. Dr. Thelma G. Abiva is the first president of PGCA 1997-1998. The profession shares in the current explosion of knowledge and as more is learned human behavior, the Philippine Guidance & Counseling Association continues to strengthen its members through professional sharing.

The PGPA is now legally & officially PGCA. In November 16,1998 we finally received approval of the SEC of the change of our organization’s name. The 1998-1999 board was especially thankful and appreciated very much the assistance of the late Atty. Jun Valerio for the approval of this change.

Board of Directors — 2017-2018

President Sheila Marie G. Hocson, PhD, RGC, RPsy
Vice-President Adelaida C. Gines, PhD, RGC, RPsy
Secretary Christopher P. Hernandez, MAEd
Treasurer Annabelle M. Sangalang, MAEd, RGC
Auditor Nino Jose Mateo, PhD, RGC, RPsy
Business Manager Eduardo C. Caligner, PhD, RGC, RPsy, RPm
Public Relations Officer Carmencita H. Salonga, PhD,RGC,RP
Board Members Evangeline P. Aguilan, PhD, RGC
Ricardo S. Guanzon, PhD, RGC
Fr. Teodulfo P. Gonzales, SJ, PhD, RGC
Fr. Arsenio A. Lumiqued JR., MSC, PhD, RGC
Assistant Secretary Sophia A. Mendoza, MA, RGC, RPm

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